Go-net specializes in developing systems and supplying end to end solutions with Microsoft technology.

Technologies most commonly applied by Go-Net:

  • Distributed information systems based on Microsoft.Net technology
  • Client- server systems.
  • Developing, counseling and project follow up in technology.
  • Development of systems and applications for all types of devices, including iOS devices, Android, and other.
  • Development of systems and sites with use of advanced technologies, such as: ASP.Net, MVC, AngularJS, HTML5 and more
  • Taking charge of existing systems.
  • Integrating new systems with existing ones.
  • Development of systems, specifically designed to customer requirements.
  • Development of unique software products.
  • Development of websites, including sites adapted to different types of devices.
  • Development of specialized systems for e-business, financial management, personnel and project management applications.
  • Implementation of MOSS, SharePoint and the infrastructure required by them.