Gonet company led and continues to lead multiple projects at different scales. Here are some selected projects:

Candidate system

A system dealing with the classification of candidates: The system is implemented in I.A.I., and includes interfaces with the I.A.I. internet sites, and external organizations, such as psychological analysis institutes.

Currency conversion system

A POS banking system implemented in Bank Hapoalim. The system operates 24*7 and interfaces with ATM systems, The bank's mainframe system, and other banking systems.

Order management and budget control system

A system developed for the Atidim management company. The system manages the annual budget, work orders, invoices, contractors, etc.

The Amal 1 Schools

The project included the definition, requirement analysis, and absorption of a payroll system, preparing an IT master plan, and an annual work plan.


  • IBM

    A bid for an attendance report, work contracts and project management system. Go-Net specified and managed the bid and supported the project development process.
  • IAI

    A bid for a new payroll system: Go-Net wrote the specifications, supported the process of the bid, and supported the implementation process.
  • Egged

    The construction of a transport management system: Go-Net supplied technological counseling, implementation follow up, and supported the planning phase and the project in general.