GoNet IT solutions, is a leading technological company in the Israeli IT solutions suppliers' market. The company was established in the year 2000, and in 2003 it acquired the development and project operations of "Calanit-Carmon". In 2009, the company merged with "Netrocom". GoNet is a privately owned company, employing software personnel, project managers, system analysts, programmers, network managers and systems' personnel', jointly developing and supplying advanced IT solutions. GoNet supplies many companies with IT services, and specializes in the development of both customer adapted projects and standardized products, outsourcing, strategic counseling, technological counseling, integration and infrastructure support, servers' installation and information security. GoNet's IT solutions are applied in large and medium organizations throughout Israel, and are considered to be leaders in their field. GoNet places it's customers at the top of its priorities, and its leading goals are service culture, professionalism, swift and reliable development, all applied in the highest and most demanding of standards. GoNet is ISO licensed and authorized by The Israeli Institute of Standards.