Support and outsourcing

Outsourcing is meant to serve organizations interested in the frontend of the technology, while cutting down on operation expenses. Outsourcing offers the following advantages:

  • A high standard of service.
  • Excellent professional personnel.
  • The availability and continuity of the relevant knowledge and experience acquired by a leading software house.

Go-Net offers outsourcing services of development, systems analysis, software infrastructure, counseling, project leading or control, help desk operation, instruction and integration.

Strategic counselling

  • Developing IT strategy, long term master plans and operational plans.
  • Developing and managing.
  • Counseling and support in choosing personnel, payroll, scheduling and project management information systems.
  • Organizing the service department of IT companies or units.
  • Exploring alternative I.T./ I.S. systems and choosing technological solutions.
  • Creating support centers.

Technological counselling

This service is provided by first rate professionals. It includes project support and follow-up, programmer tutoring and programmer conversion/adaptation to new technologies, project framework construction and technical sulutions' support.

Streamlining and optimization

  • Service contract support.
  • Optimizing the operation and costs of support centers.
  • Optimizing systems' maintenance, infrastructure and miscellaneous services.

Instruction and coaching

Go-net designs and operates unique courses for training computation personnel. These courses, usually short technology or product focused training sessions, can also be initiated by our clients, and designed and implemented to fit their specific requirements.


The adaptation and absorption of a new information system is a critical phase in its life cycle. This is where the advantage of our wide and successful experience with such operations is brought to bear.